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Turning your data into dollars

When you have accurate information you can make informed decisions. The better your decisions, the more money you'll make. Here are some tools to help you get the information you need right away.

  1. Demographic Profiler Use this tool to find out more about customers and prospects in your current trade area, or to evaluate the potential of new trade areas.
  2. Business Profiler - Use this tool to find out more about businesses in a selected geography. Learn more about competitors in your current or prospective trade area. If you sell to business customers, this tool will help you better understand the needs of your current and prospective customers.
  3. Household Spending - Use this tool to generate estimates of market potential for specific products and services. With this tool you can spot higher-than-average purchasers. Use these "best customer" demographic characteristics to guide your strategic planning, media buying and creative concept development.
  4. Demographic Trends - Use this tool to estimate the size of a demographic segment, and to see if it is a growing or shrinking percentage of the U.S. population.
  5. Product Line Planner