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Introduction Brandirection, a three-phase process of continuous improvement, tailored to your organization, and designed to increase your profits.

Brandirection is a holistic sales and marketing process. It works by focusing your company on tasks that deliver value to your most important customers and employees. We're constantly refining this process to help our clients build value into their businesses. The Brandirection process flows something like this:

In PHASE ONE, Brandirect "Customer Servants" will carefully assess your specific business situation. We probe and prod to understand your company's unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We crunch your data and help you determine the lifetime value of your best customers. We investigate internal (human) systems and field research (where necessary) to understand where your value proposition is working and where it needs improvement. At the end of PHASE ONE you will have the insight you need to improve your business right away, and you can decide if your company is ready for the rest of the Brandirection process.

PHASE TWO is the planning and orientation stage. We call this orientation because (in most cases) your organization is entering a new paradigm and will need some help adjusting. Much of what you've learned about business is called into question and you're re-trained to think of others before yourself. Your plan will include several components: marketing communications, internal staff training and incentives, management training and in some cases new partner or channel processes. PHASE TWO is complete when your entire organization is no longer primarily focused on pushing product, but instead is seeking first to serve your best customers. If you expect your employees to perform in this new paradigm, you may need to learn how to treat them differently too.

PHASE THREE is where the rubber meets the road. At this point we re-visit all your corporate communications, customer service, sales and operations tactics. We begin producing direct response advertising in appropriate media. We ramp up new procedures to track results and we measure what works and what doesn't work so that we can refine our methods in real time. We begin a process of continuous improvement that will generate momentum and lead your organization toward increased profitability. In some ways, PHASE THREE never ends. Once your organization is oriented to a new way of doing business, it will learn and grow constantly. Productivity will increase and innovation will explode. You will have new challenges, of course, but you will be better equipped to handle them. So if we've done all this right, you will be able to carry on without us.