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Introducing the art of Point-of-PersonSM Communication: using information about a person to improve the way you treat that person, every time you meet.

It's critical to remember that customers and employees are people. They're individuals. And every one of them has unique needs. Before you start talking (advertising) to a person, you need to understand what's important to him. If you want him to buy, you need to know how he makes decisions. You need to observe his behavior, ask his opinion, and most importantly YOU NEED TO REMEMBER EVERYTHING HE TELLS YOU so you can use that information to change the way you talk to him and the way your treat him.

Inside our offices we use technical-sounding tools like data mining and quantitative and qualitative research to discover and record key attributes of customers. We believe that true point-of-person communication is only possible on a grand scale because we have so many wonderful ways to store, retrieve and analyze data.

Humans are tough to predict. Even with all our technology, however, getting to the point-of-person is more art than science. Sometimes you just go with your hunches. Somewhere between the rational mind and the emotional heart, as he travels through his busy life, a customer makes a decision and reaches for his wallet or signs the Purchase Order. We call this place where 100% of all buying decisions get made the Point-of-PersonSM and that's the ultimate target for all our campaigns.