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Sustainable sales and marketing improvement requires a holistic approach.

We believe strongly in the power of advertising, but we believe just as strongly that advertising is too often misused. Sometimes advertising can hurt you. For example, when you spend money and get no measurable result; or when you make promises in your advertising that you just can't keep; or when you promote price discounts to prospects at the expense to loyal customers; or when your sales and service departments don't follow up with inquires generated through advertising. If you've got any problems inside your company, advertising is probably going to make things worse.

Before a company starts using media to promote itself, the company should make sure that it can make a superior promise of value, AND be able to deliver on the promise it makes. It should understand its own strengths and weaknesses. It should have in mind a specific customer, and focus on delivering superior value to that customer. It should educate and inform its employees so that everyone understands the value of the customer; and every employee should be rewarded for delivering benefits to the customer.

When you're doing all this right, you're ready to advertise. Ironically, if you're doing all this right you won't need to advertise as much because your loyal customers and loyal employees will increase your profits through retention and referrals.