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You'll get better work from all your suppliers.

Brandirect customer advocates add value to your sales and marketing process in two main ways. First, we work hard to understand and illustrate the real value drivers in your business. Next, and perhaps even more valuable to you, we provide complete integrated marketing solutions through a trusted network of partners. Best of all, while we might call on several partners in delivering the services you need, we'll remain the single point of contact and the one you hold accountable. This setup makes your life easier, it gets you there faster and gives you superior work.

"I wish I could find a supplier who understands my business."

It's relatively easy to find someone to develop a Web site, or field a research project or produce creative, but it's nearly impossible to find single-service, niche suppliers who understand your entire business and can truly help you grow. And even if you find one, you have to search for every niche supplier separately. If you've needed to find one or more suppliers to help you with marketing or technical services, then you'll relate to this.

That's where Brandirect comes in. We invest the time to learn your business, we do much of the strategic work with our in-house personnel, and then we bring in partners to perform the niche work as needed. We take responsibility for making sure the partners understand the business objectives. In fact, we drive these partners to new levels of productivity by challenging them to create the right solutions for our customers. You may or may not want to know who these suppliers are - so we remain completely open to your collaboration with any of them. Whatever works best for you. You're the customer.

This network approach helps us help you.

Working with a network of partners has several advantages. It allows us to offer top notch services to you without carrying a lot of overhead inside our company. This means we can deliver better work faster and for less. Plus, we have built a network of intelligence that you can tap into instantly.

Some clients find it comforting to work with agencies or consultants who have specific "vertical" market experience. Clients often feel safe knowing that a consultant or agency has worked with similar businesses, even competitors, and hire such companies by default.

While we believe industry experience is invaluable, we also believe that this "vertical" mindset has limitations. Too often clients hire partners with too much industry experience and not enough real world experience. Sometimes the solution you need is obvious, but you won't find it inside your industry. You must be prepared to look outside the "vertical" box.

Brandirect has "broad" experience base that helps us produce superior results. We add value by bringing solutions to clients that we've picked up in our travels. That's something that "vertical" specialists might not be equipped to do.

While our partner list is always evolving, there are certain preferred partners that we are very proud to represent. These include:

Data Management & CRM Application Development - Mike Knight, Third Wave Research

Mr. Knight is the Founder and Director of Third Wave Research.

Mr. Knight is former Director of the Applied Population Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; one of the leading applied demographic and economic research facilities in the United States. There he actively managed the research, design, and implementation of over a hundred successful projects utilizing geographic, demographic, and economic analysis in support of database analysis, site selection, market segmentation, revenue estimates, projection models, household expenditure studies, loyalty and frequency programs, direct marketing, media selection, and software development.

Loyalty Research & Analysis - Ron Hurd, Customer Loyalty Solutions

Ron is a leading educator and consultant in the area of market orientation and customer loyalty. He is particularly interested in helping companies understand and identify the linkages between customer loyalty, customer retention and financial results. Ron has a broad range of experience in the development of customer loyalty programs including the deployment of the "Voice-of-the-Customer" through business and marketing strategy, planning and Six Sigma improvement efforts.

During his twenty-six year career at The Dow Chemical Company Ron held various marketing positions in both North and South America. He also held several global marketing assignments such as his last assignment in the Global Growth and Expertise Center where he was responsible for the development and implementation of Dow's global customer loyalty and retention programs.

The Global Growth and Expertise Center has assisted over 35 different business units around the world become more market focused. The systematic collection of customer, competitor, and market information is combined into an integrated process that facilitates the development of business, marketing and account plans. The information collected through Dow's Customer Assessment System is used to develop market segmentation and differentiation opportunities and to make sure that work processes, via Six Sigma Deployment, are aligned to enhance customer relationships and provide valued products and services to Dow customers.

On-line Satisfaction - Eric Head, Foresee Results

Eric is the local manager for ForeSee Results, a top-rated web satisfaction management company. Foresee utilizes the methodology of the most respected, credible and well-known measure of customer satisfaction in the country, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), to link customer satisfaction to measurable business results. We give customers insight into which web changes are most important to make, what the result of those changes is likely to be (measured by an increase in satisfaction) and what their customers are likely to do next. ForeSee Results is a privately held company co-founded by Compuware Corporation and CFI Group, and is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Internet Marketing Research & Strategy, Web Site Design & Development - Jonathan Ashton, Mir Internet Marketing, Inc.

For the first time in the history of marketing, "real-time" customer behavior is readily accessible. Mir Internet Marketing ensures profitable results by shaping strategy with an understanding of customer's behavior and with an eye toward the competitive landscape.

Marketing direct-to-customers through the Internet is a multi-faceted challenge. Mir's understanding of marketplace conditions enables the design and development of your web site to take place in a "real-world" environment. Promotional strategies emerge to reflect actual customer preferences. Just the right technology is integrated with your strategy, ensuring that customers are well-served, and that a complete record of their activity is preserved. Mir Internet Marketing makes certain that your investment in on line marketing is properly targeted and carefully prepared.

Search Engine Optimization & Paid Placement Management - C. J. Newton, SEO Logic®

Every day, millions of prospective customers for every conceivable service and product are actively using the search engines as a part of their buying decisions. SEO Logic® helps you gain and keep top rankings on the major search engines, so that these prospects can buy from you.

SEO Logic® Search Engine Optimization and Placement Services provides your web site with highly targeted, life-sustaining visitors, without using forbidden strategies. In the race for top placement, SEO Logic ensures that your web site is properly built and carefully managed according to the strict search engine rules. Top ranking for strategically selected key words equals a steady stream of interested prospects, and delivers the best on line marketing ROI. SEO Logic® is the exclusive search engine marketing partner of the American Marketing Association.

Marketplace Ministries - Gil Strickland Ann and Gil Stricklin

No one is better qualified to minister to the needs of American workers than Gil A. Stricklin of Dallas, Texas, known as the "Chaplain to American Business."

The Founder, President and CEO of Marketplace Ministries Inc. has held many positions, secular and religious, giving him a unique understanding of today's pressure-filled workplace.

Marketplace Ministries, with National Headquarters in Dallas, provides a faith-based contracted chaplain care service to secular businesses nationwide.

A successful businessman, well-known humorous speaker, and ordained clergyman, Stricklin has both feet firmly planted in the world of commerce with Christian caring and compassion. As a noted humorist, Stricklin has entertained thousands of people, giving his audiences "laughter with a lift." He has been the keynote speaker at more than 3,000 banquets and conventions. Also, he has spoken to more than 100,000 school teachers and hundreds of businesses, along with preaching in pulpits across the nation.

Stricklin retired in 1994 as a Colonel in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps, after spending 37 years as a commissioned officer. He was graduated from the Strategic Studies Institute, the Army's highest education and the Command and General Staff College. He spent six years traveling the globe with Dr. Billy Graham, serving as his special assistant, responsible for media relations. Since founding Marketplace Ministries in 1984, with one client company and himself the lone chaplain, Stricklin now oversees more than 1,200 chaplains in Ministry at Work and speaks for all types of conventions, schools, and businesses as his time permits.

With national statistics showing slightly more than half of today's workforce has no practicing religion, Marketplace Ministries offers 21 chaplain services which provide an umbrella of compassion over both labor and management. Chaplains from California to Massachusetts provide pastoral care including weddings and funerals, crisis intervention and hospital visitation to employees of client companies. Ministries.