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Customer Retention
You'll learn why customers are leaving.

Brandirect Defection Analyses point to the reasons why customers take their business to the competition, which is the first step in preventing future defections. To know what types of customers are leaving, why they are leaving and how much their loss is costing can help focus your company on keeping its most valuable customers.

This study provides:

  • Traits of "disloyal" customers and vulnerable customers
  • A list of issues that contribute to defection
  • The financial value of keeping vulnerable customers loyal

Customer Satisfaction (off-line)
You'll see how customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty (off line).

Here's where we start asking your customers how they feel and what they think. Believe it or not, if you understand what satisfies a customer, and you track satisfaction scores on an ongoing basis, you can drive customer purchasing behavior in predictable ways. Brandirect can help you develop a customer satisfaction index in relation to your field sales, telesales and customer service personnel. With a customer satisfaction index, you can prioritize problems, develop solutions, and find predictable ways to improve your business.

Customer Satisfaction (On line)
You'll see how customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty (on line).

Depending on the size and scope of your E-business, you may want to capture the voice of your customers while they experience your website. Our on-line customer satisfaction tracking system is more accurate and projectable than focus groups, and typically more timely and cost-effective than other quantitative surveys.

With our system you get to use an online dashboard which continuously analyzes customer feedback, so you can monitor satisfaction and instantly know which aspects of your website have the greatest impact on overall customer satisfaction. Use on-line research to gain insight into what your customers want and which website improvements will yield the greatest return—on satisfaction and on investment.