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Turning your data into dollars.

Aside from loyal customers, accurate customer data is perhaps the most valuable thing your business can posses. But having data is not enough. It has to be accessible. And you have to know how to use it. Moreover, to get a really clear picture of who buys from you and why they buy, you need to combine transaction data and demographic data and psychographic data and perception / opinion data. The tools below handle "quantitative" data. This includes age, income, past purchasing behavior and everything else we know about a customer, except perceptions. We use a different set of tools to track "subjective" data like opinions and perceptions (see Loyalty Research).

These are real working tools. You can use them right now to gain a better understanding of your market:

  1. Hygiene Old or dirty data could be costing you a lot of money. We'll get it cleaned up...
  2. Projects We can start small by helping you uncover little things you need to know...
  3. ASP Programs We can give you the power to access data over the Web...
  4. CRM Applications We can give you campaign tracking and real time customer profiles...