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Why Brandirect?

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Increasing customer retention is the key to profitable growth.

There are 4 basic ways a business can increase profits:

  1. Lower your operating costs
  2. Get more customers
  3. Get customers to buy more frequently
  4. Get customers to spend more each time they buy

Most businesses focus on the first two, lowering costs and adding new customers, because these seem to offer the quickest and most visible results; And most businesses reward their people for lowering costs and adding new customers, not for generating customer loyalty.

What these companies may not realize, however, is that as you develop stronger relationships with your best customers, they will stay with you longer... the longer they stay loyal, the more profitable they become. For these reasons, we recommend stronger focus on retention and cross-selling strategies. This may seem like common sense, but very few businesses are focused ENOUGH on customer retention.

Instead, despite all their cost cutting and new business campaigns, many companies are struggling with these problems:

  • Customer Churn Old customers are leaving as fast as new customers arrive and you can't seem to get ahead.
  • Commoditization Seems like even your best customers are demanding lower prices
  • Competition The faster you innovate the faster your competition copies you

If your company is struggling with these problems, then you need Brandirect. Improving customer retention (reducing churn) and increasing share-of-customer can dramatically increase your profitability and reduce the need for advertising. If you want to realize the benefits of a loyal customer base, we can help you:

  1. Deliver superior value to your customers offer key customers truly superior value in relation to competitive offerings.
  2. Find the right customers understand who your best target customers are and develop systems to acquire them selectively, and weed out less desirable customers.
  3. Show customers you care treat customers like valuable assets, and do everything possible to retain these assets and increase their lifetime value.
  4. Gain cost advantage through superior productivity your cost of sale goes down with every referral and repurchase... so you can afford to charge less and you'll still make more money.

If you're losing customers and market share despite your best efforts, then you should talk to Brandirect.