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Customer Satisfaction - 2003-08-06

Measuring customer satisfaction is an important goal, but is not enough to increase loyalty. Merely satisfied customers will still defect to the competition unless you deliver enough value. Your customers must be so completely satisfied that they not only buy from you again, but they tell their friends about you. Asking them if they're satisfied won't increase their loyalty. Paying bonuses based on customer satisfaction scores can be dangerous. Advertising your award winning customer service won't help (and might hurt). The only thing that matters is loyalty. And the only thing that earns loyalty is value. You must provide a service that your best customers value. Only then will they be so satisfied that they stay with you and tell their friends.

Brandirect can provide you with a strategic solution for creating highly loyal customers -- keeping your best customers coming back again and again, spending more on your products and services, and telling their friends about your company and what you offer.