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How to earn customer trust - 2005-02-09
Customers are tired of small print. They don't have time to read it, and they know that inside the small print you "take back" the promise you make in your headline. This article discusses the benefits of making your small print into your headline.

The Future of Business Starts Today: Customer Advocacy - 2003-08-11
There's an important conversation going on in the world. People are telling other people what to do, where to shop, and how to feel. This conversation takes place face-to-face, over the phone and through the internet. It is the sum total of purchasing experiences, advertising, rumors, myths, truth and media.

What the Heck is "Churn Rate," and How is it Hurting You? - 2003-08-06
Churn is something you don't want your best customers, employees and investors do. It can cost you lots of money. It's not a new phrase, but we hear it a lot these days because it's hurting a lot of companies.

Loyalty Can Do All That? - 2003-08-06
Aside from being low cost providers in their respective industries, and profit leaders in their chosen niches, every one of these companies is fanatically focused on loyalty. They see loyalty as something to be encouraged, not something to be enforced.

Seek to Maximize Your "Share of Customer," Not Market Share - 2003-08-06
If you try to make everyone your customer, you're in for a rough ride. In fact, choosing the right customers (and avoiding the rest) is essential to building a profitable business.

Customer Satisfaction - 2003-08-06
Merely satisfied customers will still defect to the competition unless you deliver enough value. Your customers must be so completely satisfied that they not only buy from you again, but they tell their friends about you.

Golden Rule - 2003-08-06
Instead of focusing on its own bottom line, it focuses instead on building mutually beneficial partnerships with its employees and customers. And it has lead to some impressive results.